2011/10/11 The Menkaura Stellar Observatory

A fascinating discovery at the Menkaura megalithic temple(MT), sheds a new light on the amazing technical, mathematical and geometrical knowledge the Ancient Egyptians possessed. >>>Read more

Welcome to Giza for Humanity

Everywhere on the planet are resurgences from the past, sites that date from ancient times. Pyramids are discovered every day, such as the pyramid complex in Caral (Peru), the pyramid complex in Mauritius etc.. Hundreds of pyramids exist in Egypt, Sudan,China, Central America. Pyramids exist in Europe several more in, Asia and in the Pacific… Timelines and chronologies have been shaken up, old beliefs falter. Knowledge from the elders is suddenly emerging from everywhere; it seems that their gigantic work has not been undertaken for nothing.
The Giza plateau is a perfect example of this emerging paradigm, because thanks to its excellent conservation, it is a model for the study of humanity, through which we can better understand this global phenomenon, this fabulous inheritance.
The association “Giza for Humanity”strives for more transparency in archaeology and related disciplines, for more information being made available to the public, for more attention being given to scientists and engineers, for a beautiful interdisciplinary co-operation, to receive a true global view concerning these ancient sites throughout the world, and to re-establish a much deserved respect for past civilizations that have so much to teach us regarding the future.
We know to what extent ancient Egyptians knew great secrets and mastered advanced technologies, yet accomplished their projects without any of our modern epoch’s sophisticated tools. This fact raises many questions and show us that they wanted to convey us answers that could be of much use for our own future. The use of Natural energy was very sophisticated in Egypt in Ancient times and for example hydraulic systems, dams and canals were widely in use.
« GIZA for HUMANITY » aims to research, preserve and promote all civilizations that were endowed with knowledge and wisdom, as well as any archaeological site dating from ancient times. Its purpose is also to contribute to the diffusion of these findings, a work that is carried out so that it serves humanity.
This website is addressed to all those who share this vision. »
A warm welcome to all our new members.

The Giza for Humanity Team