Alexandre N.Isis

Alexandre N.isisAlexandre N.Isis is the author of the book  » Les Voleurs d’ Étoiles ou le Secret du Zodiac de Denderah ».

His research task takes us along of the small room of the Louvre where Egyptian Zodiaque is exposed towards a voyage through time, when we can discover how the Former Egyptians perceived the sky as well as the astronomical cycles.

His archéo-astronomical investigation vacuum-cleans this single part that classic Egyptology seems to have put into the ray of curiosities without to have really clarified extraordinary projection of the astronomical discipline of Old Egypt.

This independent author hustles the small world of Egyptology academic to detail us this celestial disc which after him, cannot date from the 1st Century before our era, so much the characters who are carved on this zodiac have anything ptolémaïque.

He shows evidence in support, that ancient Egypt know enough in astronomy for knowing already that the Earth is round, and that its axis is oblique, the precession of the equinoxes exist, and many other details such as the Azimuthal stereographic vision.

But also that ancient Egypt was already 72 of our current constellations.

His investigation of several hundreds of pages and extremely illustrated, makes us discover Egypt that we do not know each other or very little, whose only Egyptologists as Antoine Gigal offers the true story of it to us.

Moreover it’s Antoine Gigal in collaboration with A.N.Isis which is charged to translate the hiéroglyphes being reproduced on the circular zodiac of the Temple of Denderah to transmit to us its secret message from the bottom of the ages.

Alexandre N.Isis is not satisfied to take again the theories of certain authors like those of the 19th Century and of most modern, which were based on bad copies of the zodiac to propose us multiple interpretations of them.

This author by respect for the creators of the Zodiac brought back in 1821 to France, worked directly in superposition on this famous astronomical low-relief to preserve its original composition and to transmit full of details to us which reveal a knowledge of which Greek civilizationis didn’t preserve themselves to assert paternity. It’s to denounce this astronomical and mythological flight that this author considered to be necessary to name his book .

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