Antoine Gigal

Founder of Giza for Humanity Organization

Antoine Gigal is a French writer, researcher and explorer, founder of Giza for Humanity Organisation (GH) as well as : International Women Explorer NGO (IWE). For the last 20 years she has lived mainly in Egypt and has explored all the most remote archaeological areas, especially those not yet open to the general public. With the eye of a scrupulous researcher Antoine brings us unprecedented access to new and first hand information about the understanding of very ancient Egypt and ancient civilizations. She is theauthor of « The secret Chronicles of Giza » (in french) and of numerous series of groundbreaking articles mainly about aspects of Egyptian and megalithic civilizations never before revealed. she is making research in Egypt helped by scientists who estimate her rigorous work.

Outside Egypt with Giza for Humanity team she draw world attention on to Mauritius Island for their pyramids and discovered for the first time a lot of stuctures around. She draw attention also to Sicilian pyramids where she listed several pyramids never photographied and she discovered a lot of structures very near. She also related the origin of french pyramid at Autun. Gigal give lectures worldwide on Egypt and megalithic civilizations Appearing in various magazines in English, French and Italian and Dutch. She had lectured extensively (in English, french and Italian) since 2002 across the world (South Africa, France,UK, Italy etc) and has appeared in History Channel TV series 2011(Ancient Builders,Lost worlds, Ancient Aliens,Secret code :Season 3), in Carry Cassidy video shos and in Herma Koornwinder documentaries and radio shows : VoiceAmerica, Goldring, Hillary Raimo show, Sovereignmind, RedIce Creations,OtherWorld Radio etc… She organized the Conference of GH in Paris, France, with international speakers: in 2009 : « Some Ancient mysteries » and in 2010 :« Ancient Technology & Pyramids » and in 2011 :« The Physics of Ancient Egypt. ».She discovered 23 pyramids in Sicily not yet listed and the complex surrounding the pyramids of Mauritius.

Her early years were spent in Africa and South America giving her the chance to travel all over the world at an early age exploring different cultures and civilizations. She spent seven years in the Sorbonne University in Paris and to the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (founded originally by Champollion), where she graduated in Chinese and Japanese languages and civilizations, ancient translations. She also studied Archeology in Tolbiac University, Paris and Sanskrit, Latin and ancient Greek, and gained a reputation for translating ancient texts. She also speaks English,modern Egyptian, Spanish and Italian fluently. and personally leads several in-depth study tours to Egypt every year. She now lives and writes spending half of her time in Paris and Cairo.