Why joining?

You join because you want to:

  • Share the same interests as the association.
  • Sustain its momentum and help build its image.
  • Support its development and its influence.
  • Promote and be involved in its actions: study tours, events, conferences, publications …
  • Priority access to information, news.
  • Establish contacts with our researchers.
  • Participate in discussions and analysis of the working groups.
  • Participate inevitable financial burdens and thus ensure its sustainability.
  • You think that the experiences of others may interest you and that others may be interested in your experience.

Exchange is rich.

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Membership : GIZA for HUMANITY

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94, rue Honoré Chéron, 95340 Ronqerolles   FRANCE   EUROPE

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Bank code: 20041 Branch code:01011 Account :1162481A032 Rib:41

Bank name: Banque Postale,France.

In the Name of the Legal Organization we Thank you very much.

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