This is a special opportunity not to be missed as Peter will discuss with Antoine Gigal aspects of Egyptian and megalithic civilizations never before revealed. Antoine is one of the few people in the world who can translate the Egyptian hieroglyphs directly and she has offered to do some unique research to address some unanswered questions specifically for our show!
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Antoine Gigal on

28/01/2011 23:00 – 2 hrs 26 min
Gigal will discuss: Concept of the soul in Egypt, the ancient temples in the south of Egypt, the boat pits on the Giza plateau, her translations of Hieroglyphs, the ancient traditions in Egypt and why is the Serapeum is so interesting.

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Dr Pat Bacilli show

Friday 1st October at 7:30pm GMT
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Sovereign Mind Radio

Antoine Gigal, November 10, 2010 – The « Giza Secrets Chronicles »
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Hillary Raimo Show

Gigal discusses ancient Egypt with a twist, elongated skulls, blue lotus, a culture that predates the biblical flood, and more!
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Other World Radio

8/12/2010 5:00 AM, ANTOINE GIGAL – Interview GIZA SECRETS REVEALED: The Latest Developments from Eygypt EPISODE #32
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Red Ice Radio

Antoine Gigal joins us from France to discuss her work and research on ancient Egypt, pyramids found around the world and her theories concerning underground activity, subterranean chambers and boat pits at Giza and other parts of the world. Antoine’s is behind the websites: and She travels to the sites that many researchers just study from afar or read about and she has visited many of the different pyramids sites around the world. We talk about an Antediluvian Civilization, diffusion, the flood, the ark and more. Topics Discussed: Chinese Pyramids, Travels, French Egyptologists, Antoine’s background, language, Archeology, Perspective, What happened in Egypt 3000 B.C.? Egyptian Book of the Dead, Coming (or Going) Forth By Day, Plutarch, Underground, Osiris, Longer Life Span, Anu, Amu, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, Antediluvian Civilization, Malta, Melita, Shemsu Hor, Zep Tepi, Nu, Thebes, Water at Giza, Egyptian boat pits on the Giza plateau and more. In our second hour with Antoine Gigal we proceed to discuss the boat pits found at many pyramids. We talk about the pyramids as arks, as a device for surviving the flood. We discuss the subterranean chambers and the grotto under the great pyramid. We also discuss the Pyramids in Sicilia, Tenerife, Mauritius and Bosnia. Antoine has visited these sits and we talk about her impression of them. We also talk about the influence of the Phoenicians and we wrap things up talking about the Valley of the Whales in Egypt, Wadi el Hitan, an interesting area that many people never have heard about. Shows that this land once where covered in water.
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