Reasearch trip in Bosnia

Gigal in the center of Sarajevo, Bosnia.
Dr Osmanagic showing one of his book to Gigal in a Sarajevo street.
The pyramid of Visoko seen from the highway coming from Sarajevo
The Pyramid of Visoko in Bosnia (Europe), it was rainy that day!
In Visoko main street , you can see the huge pyramid of the sun.
Working on the site of the Bosnian Pyramid, a Croatan TV crew was there too and made me an interview.
The old concrete blocks analysis of the Sun Pyramid of Visoko, this is a very hard and very high quality concrete more than the modern one.
On the Sun Pyramide West side at 35 m high with a very hard slope it was difficult !
Immense old concrete stone blocks on the sun Pyramid East side.
Inside the Prehistoric tunnels you have a lot of adjacent small tunnels leading nowhere but with old walls closing it.