Pyramid of Malaysia

pyarmid malaysia

If Malaysia isn’t a secret, why are there ancient pyramids?

Indeed if there is an ancient pyramid in the middle of the Malaysian desert, why did it remain a secret and why didn’t the Malay government took it in charge? Why hasn’t any archaeological research been carried out, as well as developing the tourism industry which could benefit the education system and increase revenue for the country?

The Pyramids: the descendants of the Tower of Babel?

The pyramids are located in Egypt and Mexico. Some were also found in Peru, Nubia, Malaysia, Irak and China.

The pyramid found in the Malaysian jungle is practically identical to the one found in Central Amercia.


UNIQUE EXPOSURE: The Malay pyramid

September 25th 2012

Before, not much that I can talk about since the pyramid, located in the primeval forest of Peninsular Malaysia. The pyramid isn’t the same one than those found in Egypt, which stayed relatively untouched for thousands of years. The construction of the Malaysian pyramid is very large, larger than in Egypt or anywhere else in the world. The pyramid and its surrounding are classified as the most dangerous zone and is guarded by special units of the military. Some soldiers entered inside and when they came out they were struck by a strange disease, but were cured a few weeks later. At the present time the pyramid’s perimeter is guarded par commando units.


As far as I know, the Mayan pyramids and the Egyptian pyramids don’t have any discernible link. The Mayans would be destroyed for not migrating to Central America of Malaysia (?). There are many similar ancient temples and pyramids in Malaysia which closely resemble the Mayans’. The Egyptians could have built pyramids based on their travels to Orient, maybe in Indonesia and Malaysia. This could be the link, but nobody took this theory into account yet.