We like

Professeur Joseph Davidovits

We truly admire Professor Davidovits, his amazing work on agglomerated stones in Egypt and elsewhere, his combativity and his great intellectual honesty.

A scientist, who discovered Geopolymer Chemistry in 1979, he is also a writer and an archaeologist, specialized in ancient civilizations.



Michael Cremo

We have a special admiration for Michael Cremo, for his immense work to get to a new consensus on the nature of reality, for having gathered all the evidence (from archaeologists and paleontologists) that the human being started to exist on Earth 10 million years ago. He shows how this evidence has been suppressed, ignored and forgotten because it goes against the generally admitted ideas concerning the evolution of the human being.
By having the scientists read his book: « Forbidden Archeology » he witnessed the gradual arising of a new awareness, one that combines Science and Tradition in a coherent Paradigm of reality.
To the French readers we recommand his book: « L’histoire secrète de l’éspèce humaine »:

Robert Temple

All of us in GH also admire the author, freelance researcher and professor Robert Temple, for his books on Antiquity, on Egypt, on China. His remarkable book The Crystal Sun deals with optical technology in Antiquity. His book Netherworld is a research to geographically localize the Greek Hades (the underworld), and a study (using the last scientific developments in Biology, Physics etc) of Divination systems such as the I Ching.
And finally, his last book : »The sphinx mystery » The Sphinx mystery is exceptionally complete, and reveals something that Gigal among others has been mentionning for a long time: the Sphinx was the representation of Anubis, guardian of the place…